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Contractor Revolution Media is an advertising and marketing company that specializes in creating effective and affordable advertising services for contractors, including electricians, plumbers, auto repair shops and more.

What we do

Web Design

Web Design

The centerpiece of any contractor’s marketing. There’s no way to sugar coat it. A powerful, functional and awesome web design is the single most vital piece of a marketing strategy. It’s your 24/7/365 sales staff. It’s job is to entertain and enlighten your potential customers and give them the information they are looking for and get them to convert to new business.
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

A powerful web site design can inform and convert to sales, driving revenue and profits. But it doesn’t do much if people don’t know your web site and business are there. Promotion of your web site is key to driving traffic, there’s too many other options to sit back and do nothing. CRM not only builds websites, we market them, properly! PPC, SEO, Blogs, Social Media…we got you covered.
Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Print isn’t dead, contrary to popular belief. In fact, print advertising, specifically direct mail marketing, has evolved to coexist with the internet in the digital age. Hook your potential customers in with well crafted direct mail campaigns, then reinforce the message with a strong internet presence. A bit of a “one, two punch”. CRM can handle all of your direct mail needs, so no trips required to the post office.


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. How would you feel if a job costs 3 times as much as you thought? Or if they didn’t tell you the price before you started? Flat rate pricing, used by the CS2 app, eliminates these problems by giving the customer an accurate estimate before the work even starts. And with CS2, you can even setup payment plans and sync the data with Quickbooks Online.

Who we do it for

  • In Charge Electric
  • Best Electric Service
  • John's Electric
  • Dutil Electric, LLC
  • Got Watts? Electric
  • Pilgrim Plumbing
  • Victory Lights, Inc.
  • Leinster Electric
  • Switched Electric

Why we do it

The team at CRM is second to none. They helped me completely rebrand my company along with business cards, referral cards, and panel stickers. Their professionalism and communication could not be over estimated!

Parkside Electric

Michael Showalter

What we offer our clients

Contractor Revolution Media is not "just another contractor marketing" company. Many marketing agencies work on volume and will build websites and coordinate advertising campaigns for anyone who calls. Not us. Contractor Revolution Media is exclusive.

Our policy is only to market for one industry per territory. Meaning we won't be doing work for your competitors. Just you. We put all of our focus on making your business the "go to" place in your area, no one else. We are your partners. We are your marketing team.

Since we don't work on volume, we focus on building long term relationships with our clients and helping them grow their business. We only succeed if you do.

What we've been up to

November 14, 2016

Dangers of DIY & Off-The-Shelf CMS Web Design Systems

Our friends over at TechCrunch recently highlighted a MAJOR security breach to websites created through the Weebly platform where over 43 million user accounts were hacked, and personal information was stolen. Weebly is one of the numerous DIY website creators out there that lets users create an account (for little to no money) and build a website with relatively little knowledge of programming. Sadly, there are even so-called “web designers” (and I use that term very loosely) who utilize DIY platforms like Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy to build websites for their clients and charge them for this service. It’s sad, unprofessional and makes our entire industry look bad. Would you pay for a high-end sports car knowing it was built with cheap import parts? I’d like to think if you’re reading this you care more about your business than that. However, that is a blog for another day.

October 24, 2016

How can I track results off of a direct mail campaign?

We here frequently that "no reads junk mail" or "direct mail is expensive," but these assertions are not based on any supporting evidence from the people who say it. Ask yourself this question, if no one reads junk mail and it's too expensive to work, why do we continue to receive mailboxes full of this stuff? Because it does work!